Cor finally finished! Sketching probaly took 30 mins or so, and the digital work took around 3 hours, not bad me reckons. 3am now so well knackered and cba to edit the mistakes. Scene is based on Prop Hunt for Garry’s Mod for Half Life 2. It’s a mod for a mod for a game!

I was getting extremely frustrated at being unable to produce digital drawings at a standard I desire, so I decided to scrap the idea of digital drawing and instead draw all the individual assets on my notepad, scan them in, and work with them in the digital realm. I can rearrange them, put them behind one another, resize them… now THAT’S what I had in mind when it comes to digital editing.

Pretty chuffed how this turned out, especially since my first attempt at doing the entire thing digitally looked really crap, worse than a primary school kid’s drawing.

Done for my friend’s Youtube channel www.facebook.com/punchacube. Please check it out!


Redux version with colour and scene from the game, that’s all. Fairly quick fill tool, copy paste and free transform tool so nothing special

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Aliens: Isolation (Fan Art for Punch A Cube)

Fan art for my friend’s Youtube gaming channel Punch A Cube. Go check it out!!!

AlienCorridor_Final_jpgClick above image for original size

Game = Aliens: Isolation

This is my first proper drawing I’ve done with Clip Studio Paint Pro. By that, I mean utilising many different tools and techniques, so I can fully understand the program and make better artwork in the future. Having said that, this damn pic took me way OVER TEN HOURS to complete. If I knew what I was doing, I reckon I could finish it all in half that time, maybe even less.

There’s lots of different tools and techniques done here, including using Vector lines, layer transparency, 2D perspective, gradients, tone layers, blah blah blah. I had to use the different tools whilst at the same time keeping in line with the cartoony look of things.


Random post – What I think I do = Martial Arts


martial arts funny


Click image for bigger picture


This is actually 100% true!! My friends always think I’m off filming some action movie (I do actually get asked if I’m in any movies, and they’re not even joking), my family thinks I been doing some underground cage fighting as I come home with blackened eye and bleeding lips, my Sifu thinks I just enjoy eating all the time (actually this one is true), Mr. Joe Average and the media think we’re all a bunch of sword welding backflipping lunatic Ninjas, I think I’m some sort of Uber warrior who can single handedly defeat about 20 people all at once, whilst in actual reality…

I just sit on my arse playing fighting games all day 😦


Drawing – Corvo Attano


Click image to see larger version (you may need to click twice: once to open, again to enlarge).


Corvo Attano from Dishonored, the hit video game of 2012 (drawn around August 2013). Maaaan was that game awesome!!! Haven’t played such a brilliant game in a long time, didn’t think they make them like that anymore since the golden era of Thief, System Shock 2 and Deus Ex. Steam tells me I’ve clocked in 46 hours. Absolutely fantastic game, highly recommend it!!!

I took a looooong break from drawing due to work and personal reasons, but came back to it with fresh ideas and new burning passion. Probably took 6-9 hours, I dunno. Somewhat fixed his crooked stance and lengthened his legs a bit as original looked weird (see below for original image). Mainly focusing on shadows and much less on highlights, since he’s quite a shady character so drew him as such. And drawing shadows on the folds of clothing just looks so sexy, really brings depth out of a 2D drawing, check out the fabric around his belt to see what I mean. Now his tattoo glows and emits a wispy blue smoke just like in his depictions, hope I’ve captured that look.

The stringy-bits typing his lower jaw to his skull-mask is actually gold/bronze wiring, but I can’t be arsed to colour it in so left it black. I’ll colour it in when I upload somewhere else cos I’m lazy and spent far too long on this image. Plus I was going to clean up the lines, especially around his sword, but I left the rough-lines in, as it fits in with the art style of the game icons.


Here we have the original drawing, first done in pencil, then penned in. I do believe at this moment in time, I was using cheap WHSmith fine tipped pens, before I invested in proper Sakura pigment pens. Haven’t looked back since.


And this is the work in progress/teaser pic I uploaded to Facebook. Because I took a long hiatus from drawing, I wanted to show my friends the next evolution I was working on – digital editing/post processing. I did dabble a while back in colouring with Photoshop, but it was very amateurish stuff.



Random drawing – Muscle Man


I’m very bad at drawing guys, so I decided I might as well practice drawing them. Girls are nice to draw and good for that “cute anime” look, but you gotta draw a guy sometime. His eyes are kind of creepy, but yea I’m still practicing drawing guy features, hardest for me is the eyes. maybe if you stick a bag over his head, he could be a Calvin Klein model. Plus this is dedicated to my female friends, since I usually draw girls, I figured it was time I did something for the ladies this time. btw this isn’t me, just some random white guy with green eyes (I’ve actually had people say I drew myself ¬_¬). His eyebrows are absolutely cringeworthy, but I kept it in because it’s just so cheesy and… cheesy. I didn’t bother correcting the mistakes I did earlier during inking, because I’m lazy and also it’s something I can learn from in the future.

I hope he is not too Twilight :S purposely darkened his skin tone because of that. This guy is a man man, not a fairy man! He chops trees for a living, not abducting young girls and flying up the mountain at 150km/ph. The only sparkling you’ll get from this bloke is the sweat on his muscley body and… I’ll stop now.

The background is some random good looking image I found on Google after typing in “forest.” Because I’m lazy to draw my own forest.

Ze’ original drawing. Creepy eyes….



Random pic – Cute funny love scene

Random pic -

This picture is actually my 2 friends living in Singapore, drawn last year. Very cute, lah!! I was looking to draw a couple together in a cute funny situation involved with gaming, so naturally I turned to them. There were a few ideas I pitted out, such as the door being barricaded shut by the guy, and the girl successfully sawing a hole in the ceiling to break in, but we thought this was the best idea of the lot. Perhaps I’ll go back to those old ideas sometime in the future…

I remember this piece taking quite a while to not only plan, but to draw out and edit. I hardly often draw 2 characters physically interacting so closely with each other, so it was a new challenge for me I needed to undergo. Often in the past when I would attempt a piece like this, the characters would be different sizes to each other, plus appear “distant” (hard to describe, like they were drawn separately and pasted together), I was just simply crap at drawing couples closely together. Actually now I remember this final piece was the 2nd attempt I did – the first one just simply didn’t work out well (the image is below). Very happy I scrapped it and completely started from scratch, I’m extremely happy as to how it finally turned out, especially considering my poor experience drawing couples.


Originally there was no background, cos let’s face it, sometimes backgrounds can be tedious to draw, and potentially ruin an image, especially if you feel like “Aww, do I have to?” But thanks to the use of shadow and lighting effects, it now looks like they are in an actual room and not floating around in space. Actually I really do dig those shading effects, they look fantastic, if I do say so myself 😀 Really gives a true feeling of depth to the otherwise flat 2D characters. Also, if you’re wondering why on earth there is a controller in the speech bubble whilst he’s clearly playing on a PC (probaly Minecraft or Diablo 3), I wanted a universal symbol that represents gaming, like the heart represents love. Just thought I’d point that out, for the pedantic out there.

One thing that bothered me the most about this piece was the guys right arm behind the girl. No matter what I did and how many times I redrew it, it just didn’t look right. It was either too long, too short or at a weird angle, so sadly this was the best I could do. Not so good, but it doesn’t look nearly as bad as before. One final thing I want to add about the couple is that they are wearing socks. Unfortunately I’m not particularly good at drawing feet, especially at an angle, so all my attempts to draw them where futile. After probably the 10th attempt, I gave up in sweaty frustration, and just simply drew socks on them, which only took 1 attempt. What a cheater!! So for those of you who are stating “I’m from Singapore, why you wear socks lah!!” well, that is the reason why.


Below image is the original line drawing, given to my 2 friends 😀 I’m suprised I didn’t wear the paper out or create permanent smudges, judging on the amount of times I rubbed out the arms and feet trying to draw them correctly.


And here we have the first attempt I made at this piece, before scrapping it and starting anew. The right image is basically = FPS MODE OFF [ON]. You can see how bad it was, from the girl being the same size as the guy despite her bent posture, to the lack of emotion and how static they appear to be. So glad I stepped back and redid this one!

Note the coloured tape on my pens – this is so I know which size the pen line is without having to look for and read the number on the side. I based the idea on Special Forces teams who put coloured tape on their guns and magazines to colour code them from each other. Handy that!



Crying Girl 2013

Crying Girl 2013

Finalised version of the Crying Girl 2013, coloured using my new Wacom Bamboo Tablet. Probaly took 3-5 hours, maybe more maybe less, I don’t count these things.

Really getting the hang of using this piece of kit now! Can’t believe I never used one of these things before, this is just like drawing on a normal notepad, but it goes straight into the computer!!! It’s like magic!

Tried to mix a blend between cartoonish shading for the character and gradient shading for background, seems to look alright. I should have added more shading and highlights to her face, but I’m lazy, maybe I’ll do that later on. And wish I could do something about the very sharp edges/pixelation of the outlines, looks like it was drawn in MSPaint.

Bottom images are the inked in version (scanned in) and the rough sketch.